Our EDM Wire Packaging Type

Easy installation design

Seamless Spool Initiation: The visible wire end acts as a beacon, ensuring swift identification of the installation starting point. This intuitive feature dramatically streamlines the installation process.
User-Friendly Guided Assistance: Unpacking our product unveils packaging embedded with clear, step-by-step installation instructions. Following these straightforward directions on the label guarantees a hassle-free installation journey.

Spool Label Design

SKU: Our SKU code.

Weight: Display the weight of the wires on the label.
Material: Highlight the material composition of the wire.

Wire Diameter: Clearly state the diameter of the wire.

Coating Type: Specify the type of coating applied to the wire.

Tensile Strength: Provide info about the wire’s tensile strength.

Common Package Types

Plastic Seal Packaging

For Brass EDM Wire: Expertly enclosed with a protective plastic seal, ensuring its pristine condition upon arrival.

Vacuum Packaging
For Coated EDM Wire: Safeguarded within vacuum-sealed packaging, upholding the integrity of its specialized coating.
Outermost Packaging
Outermost Package: Embraced by robust cartons, providing an additional layer of security during transit.