brass edm wires for sale

Master Brass EDM Wire 0.10mm, 0.15mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm EDM wire for sale

  • EDM Wires
  • SKU: H025UN
  • Spec: Standard model
  • Core Material: Brass
  • Type of coating: Uncoated
  • Applicable Machines: Standard brass edm wire compatibility with a wide range of EDM machines
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Brass EDM Wires Detail

Brass EDM wire is a highly effective tool for precision cutting and shaping of hard materials. Made from a brass alloy consisting of copper and zinc, it offers unique properties that make it ideal for precision machining and cutting applications. With a high cutting speed, excellent surface finish, and compatibility with various EDM machines, including popular brands like Mitsubishi, Sodick, Fanuc, and Makino, brass EDM wire is commonly used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical device manufacturing, and mold and die making.

brass edm wires for sale

Brass EDM Wires Technical Information

Brass edm wire is a type of wire used in electrical discharge machining processes. Here are some technical information ensure that you purchase the appropriate EDM brass wire for your specific application from our factory.

  • Material: Made of a brass alloy consisting of copper and zinc.
  • Diameter: Depends on the specific application in your project. Wire’s diameter range from 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm we can offer.
  • Tensile strength: The tensile strength of EDM brass wire is typically around 900-1000 N/mm², our brass edm wire tensile strength is 980N/mm², suitable most needs .
  • Electrical conductivity: Brass edm wire has excellent electrical conductivity. The EDM wire we provide has pass the inspection and conductivity is 19%IACS.

Master EDM Brass EDM wire is a typical brass wire that is not coated and usable in any EDM machine that uses HB (hard brass) wire.

Technical informations sheet of our product are as follows:

Core Material CuZn37
Conductivity 19%IACS
Tensile Strength 980N/m²
Threading Auto Threading
EDM Wires

Brass EDM Wires Size & Spec

Our brass EDM wire is available in various diameters, ranging from 0.1mm to 0.3mm, with a tolerance of +/- 0.001mm. It is compatible with various EDM machines, including Mitsubishi, Sodick, Fanuc, Makino, and other popular brands. We offer spools of different lengths, typically ranging from 3kg to 25kg, to meet your specific needs. Additionally, we have abundant stock of EDM wire with a diameter of 0.25mm, which is a popular size for EDM machining. Contact us today to learn more about our brass EDM wire products.

φ[mm] 0.10 0.15 0.20 0.25 0.30

The type with “•”in column are commonly used models, if you need other models, please contact us for custom.

EDM Wires Spool Size

Spool Type Material d1[mm] d2[mm] d3 [mm] L1[mm] L2[mm] Wire Weight
Weight Tolerance
P3 ABS(PS) 130 80 20 110 90 3 0.05
P5 ABS(PS) 160 90 20 114 90 5 0.05
P10 ABS(PS) 200 110 25 135 110 10 0.05
P15 ABS(PS) 250 120 34 140 110 20 0.05
DIN125 ABS(PS) 125 80 20 125 100 3.5 0.05
DIN160 ABS(PS) 160 100 23 160 128 8 0.05
DIN200 ABS(PS) 200 125 22 200 160 16 0.05
DIN250 ABS(PS) 250 160 23 200 160 25 0.05

Couldn’t find the spec you need in this spool spec sheet? Please contact us for a special custom EDM wire solution.

Advantage of brass EDM wires

Our EDM Wires Quality Assurance

The testing process begins with the raw materials, which are meticulously inspected to ensure they meet our stringent quality standards. Once these materials are processed into our Brass, Galvanized, and Gamma EDM wires, they undergo a series of rigorous tests.

EDM Wires Coating Uniformity Test

Coating Uniformity Test

For our coated wires, we use a Coating Thickness Gauge to check the uniformity and thickness of the coating, further ensuring the wire’s performance and longevity.

EDM Wires Surface Roughness Test

Surface Roughness Test

Using a Surface Roughness Tester, we examine the minute irregularities in the wire surface. This ensures the wire’s surface quality, which can significantly impact the accuracy of EDM processes.

EDM Wires Tensile Strength Test

Tensile Strength Test

Using a Tensile Testing Machine, we ensure our wires can withstand the rigorous demands of EDM processes, confirming their structural integrity under tension.

EDM Wires Diameter Consistency Test

Diameter Consistency Test

A Micrometer or Laser Micrometer measures the diameter of our wires along their entire length. This guarantees that our wires deliver consistent performance in your manufacturing processes.

EDM Wires Straightness Test

Straightness Test

To ensure the straightness of our wires, we use an Optical Straightness Checker or Straightness Measuring Device. These tools allow us to guarantee the precision required for accurate and clean cuts.

EDM Wires Composition Test

Composition Test

We utilize advanced equipment like XRF Spectrometers and EDS systems to verify the elemental composition of our wires. This ensures they meet exact material specifications for optimal performance in various EDM processes.

EDM Wires Spooling Test

Spooling Test

Proper spooling of our wires is crucial to avoid wire breakage and machine downtime. We ensure this through visual inspection and, in advanced setups, automated systems with cameras and image processing software to identify any spooling issues.

EDM Wires Powder Drop Test

Powder Drop Test

To ensure the stability and integrity of our wire’s coating during EDM processes, we conduct a Powder Drop or Dusting Test. This test measures the amount of residue or dust produced during operation, which if excessive, could affect the EDM process’s effectiveness and cleanliness.

EDM Wires Conductivity Test

Conductivity Test

The electrical conductivity of our wires is verified using a Conductivity Meter or a Four-Point-Probe Meter, ensuring they meet the highest standards required for EDM processes.

EDM Wires Industry Application